Rave Tapes | #01 – Hago

hago_rave tape

Influenced by the hardcore breakbeat rave scene in 1991, Hago got his ears opened wider and further to Jungle then Drum n Bass as the music progressed , these days he holds a regular mix show playing a wide range of bass music ranging from 140 bpm to 170 bpm on http://planet-rave.com , leaving those who stick to that boom boom boom music wondering how come they cant catch up with Hago’s music taste. :P

Describe your mix
A journey through the wonderful sounds of 140 bpm bass music
Favourite DJ
Code (Subtle Audio)
Favourite Producer
Demon aka Nurve aka Macabre Unit
Favourite Record Label
Subtle Audio
Best DJ you have heard in last 12 months
Best Live Act you have heard in last 12 months
Open Mind

unreleased by unknown – white labels

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