Rave Tapes | #02 – Vincent


Vincent O’Callaghan creates soundtracks for imagined memory.

Describe your mix:
‘Kiss Me Deadly Mix’This mix is my alternate soundtrack to the 1955 Robert Aldrich Film Noir ‘Kiss Me Deadly’
Favourite DJ:
Favourite Producer:
Ma Spaventi
Jonas Munk
Favourite Record Label:
Mystic & Quantum Records
Best DJ you have heard in last 12 months:
The Drifter @ Celtronic 2015
Best Live Act you have heard in last 12 months:
Shamen Delly @ Hudson Bar Belfast
Jane Weaver @ Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia 2015

01 ‘Los Alamos’ by Vagon Brei. Taken from ‘The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out’ album on Photic Fields (PF10/CD02)
02 ‘The Bank Heist Finale’ by Vercetti Technicolor. Taken from ‘Black September’ album on Giallo Disco (GDLP001)
03 ‘Radiance Expanse’ by White Wind 23. Taken from ‘Feedback Colours’ 12″ on Acid Rainbow (AR05)
04 ‘RockFall’ by The Valley And The Mountain. ‘Taken from Outer Reaches 12″ on Shipwrec (SHIP029)
05 ‘Baserelief’ by Jakob Skott. Taken from ‘Doppler’ album on El Paraiso Records (ImpetusSeries06)
06 ‘Cinema’ by Ma Spaventi. Taken from ‘Cinema’ 12″ on Slow Motion (Slomo 0014)
07 ‘Interstellar Vibrations feat. Kay Suzuki by Leonidas. Taken from ‘Sequential EP’ on Round In Motion (RIM007)
08 ‘Orbit’ by Black Merlin. Taken from ‘Tremblez Deviant’ 12″ on Bokhari Records (Sorn001)
09 ‘Away from Everything We Know’ by HVL. Taken from ‘Away from Everything We Know’ 12″ on Organic Analogue (OA002)
10 ‘Grey Skies’ by Perseus Traxx. Taken from ‘Harmony Of Elements EP’ on Photic Fields (PF07)
11 ‘Time Waits For No Man’ by Ray Escortienda. Taken from ‘El Nueva York EP’ on Echovolt Records (EvR012)
12 ‘Deliverance’ by HóRD. Taken from ‘Wild In Blue’ album on Giallo Disco (GDLP02)
13 ‘Meanwhile, In Shanghai… (excerpt)’ by Maia Urstad. Taken from The Wire – Below The Radar Vol 12
14 ‘Sarah’s Theme (Air) by A.R.T. Wilson. Taken from ‘OverWorld’ album on Growing Bin Records (GBR002)
15 ‘Vergegenwaertigung’ by Popol Vuh. Taken from ‘Aguirre’ Reissue Soundtrack on Wah Wah Rcords (LPS158)
Inserts taken from ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ Directed By Robert Aldrich 1955

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